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REMEMBER: When Driving or walking,
Animals always have the right of way !!!!

On 7/2/17 we put out an ALERT update regarding a snared Lion and a wounded Hyena.
On 11/2/17 we put out an update on both of the above, up to day 3 of Mr. Bones confinement whilst he received vital care.

HYENA –  MR BONES – 3 WEEKS of confinement, care and fattening up !!
See the KAWFT face book for video updates – the last few days videos still to be posted.

DAY 5 - 12/2/17
Skinny bean. Ate a kg of liver during the night ON HIS OWN, drank a litre of milk and water and was sitting FOR THE FIRST TIME on his haunches in the morning and early evening when it is normal wake up time – STANDING and moving on wobbly legs, drinking plenty of water/mild mix and carefully eating his way through his chopped up meat. Battles to chew if the pieces of meat are not cut into slithers due to the weeks of the large wire cable in and across the back of his jaws. So, a delicate eater at the moment but the daily improvements to his health and strength are momentous.

DAY 7 & 8 - 14&15 /2/17
Smelly shredded fun foam out and grass in. Not so much fun but cleaner and comfy. Improvement continues. Copious amounts of water drinking all the time, good re-hydration nd eating well.
DAY 8 - 15/2/17
Improving in leaps and bounds but has a long way to go before fit for release.  Does not want to wake up. Cool afternoon and nice and soooooo comfy.    
DAY 10 - 17/2/17
Back, pelvis wound where all the maggots were !!! healing very well despite the way it looks. 
DAY 17- 24/2/17
Fat belly and amassing weight. Large chunks of meat now, that he rips apart himself
DAY - 18 & 19
Photos taken of main wounds and sent to Dr’s Keith Dutlow and Lisa Maribini Aware Trust – to ascertain if all well enough to take this boy back home !!

DAY 22  1/3/17– HOMEWARD BOUND !! patient discharge day.
Cage with Mr Bones loaded onto the trailer.  Parks Rangers No.2’s -  Nicholas Chinembiri and Edward on site.
Cage covered with old sheets to avoid too much stress for him whilst travelling out of the Kariba area. Mr Bones – as Hyenas do – shreds the sheets in no time and then manages to get under the steel sheet on the floor of the cage. Convoy comes to a halt whilst everyone assists to lift the steel sheet up and secure it up with wire, keeping fingers outside of the cage !!! Cage lifted off ..... every ones fingers still intact !   The door to freedom opens and he just sits !! Another vehicle arrives and whilst we are trying to halt the vehicle so it does not drive into Mr Bones when he walks out the cage ...............................He makes a high-speed dash for it and this is the only photo we luckily managed t o get  !! A FLASH IN THE DARK and he is gone. First run he has had in 3 weeks.. !!

Please keep a look out for Mr Bones, his scars will be a sure ID of him and we would appreciate any feedback and photos if possible. (see contact details bottom of email)   Next year we may even see his progeny – little bones. 

When we all work together we can make things happen. Every voice raised in support of wildlife makes a difference…..

Thank you to :
- Parks Area Manager and Rangers,
- Aware Trust Vets
- Kariba Residents – reporting and help
- KAWFT team

and all those that assisted with the rehabilitation of this boy.

DONATIONS & assistance very kindly received and much appreciated - THANK YOU

Amazing response to our plea for assistance – from within Kariba, Zimbabwe and afar. We will be putting in place, first a critical rehabilitation unit – where the likes of Mr Bones would “get well” and then another for the likes of the snared young Lion for a few days recuperation to make sure all is well before heading back into the wild. This is only due to the amazing support received and that we are still receiving.

For any donations, help offer, more info, or information on injured animals or incidents with Wildlife please contact: kawf2011@gmail.com or DONATE
Carl Nicholson has been gleaning experience the past few years regarding Conservation/tending to Wildlife and has proved to be an invaluable conservationist and has worked closely with KAWFT. He played a very vital part and worked tirelessly in preparing areas for the Lioness darting and moving of, at the end of Nov, early Dec 2016 that involved Parks Authority, KAWFT, AWARE Trust and Anton Newall from the Lion and Cheetah park.