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Parks rangers were on an extended patrol and came across this fairly new born little one – tethered to a tree by a deathly wire snare that he was caught in..

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Mr Bones, the hyena, was released on 2 March 2017. It was touch and go, as this little chap had a savage wire snare wrapped around and embedded into his mouth, like an external ..

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This poor young male had a viscious snare around the foot causing huge inflammation of the paw. It was tricky rescue with all the villagers highly excitable, distressing the lion further ...

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After our heartbreaking loss of 7 resident bull elephants, the ellies are back in town with a couple of new guys. NOTE: When ellies are musth, and ready to mate, normal behaviour..

Our resident zebra herds have had their babies and some of these youngsters have taken to having a midday nap on the nice cool sand by the side of the road!

This is what the poachers used to poison the elephant with, cyanide inside the orange. The Elephant then slowly dies a very painful and agonizing death. Then they cut out....

Plastic burst out the stomach contents, when it was pierced for the autopsy. Suspected death of "Mr Tatters" a beloved gentle resident elly. He was found at the Kariba dump..